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“You were great! Thanks for the entertainment. I love close-up magic more than any other kind of entertainment.” – Steven Wozniak

“We were together not so long ago in the Crooked Knife restaurant in NYC. I just wanted to thank you for the AMAZING display of magical talent. After more than 25-30 tricks or illusions we did not want to see the end of your performance! Your presentation of each trick was charming and comical and the end result left us all amazed, baffled, intrigued, and yearning for more. You truly are a master of your craft and your performance will have us all guessing, questioning, and in complete wonderment for months to come. You were truly the highlight of our night. I would like to commend you on your amazing talent and thank you for taking the time to so generously entertain us with magic that left us all saying with each and every trick, ‘…How the hell was that possible?, Oh my God that’s crazy!!, and of course No f#%@^g Way!!’ Thanks very much and you truly are a brilliant magician!!!” – Brendan Smyth

“Raahul is very charismatic and passionate. He’s super excited to meet you. Very nice and welcoming. You can be completely yourself around him because he’s the type of person who likes to surround himself with vibrant people. In sum, he’s grand.” – Morgan Shay

 “Again, again!” – Vicky Choi

“Normally I have something to say [or an idea of how it's done]…. but today I have nothing. You are great at what you do! – Alden